Ability Superstore Curlew Mobility Scooter

The mobility scooter has become such a common sight in our towns and cities that it is strange to think that they have only been affordable to the general public for a matter of a couple of decades. They perform a welcome service – giving people with limited mobility the chance to enjoy a life much more open and free than they otherwise would – and they are surprisingly affordable and very agile. The average mobility scooter is a familiar design, with four wheels and a simple frame and comfortable seat, yet among our reviews are a few that are notably different.

This model, the Ability Superstore Curlew Mobility Scooter, we chose to review initially because it is different, yet the more we got to know it, the better it became. It’s a very clever design with many excellent features, and one that does the job very well, so let’s check out some of those features and see why it stands out from the crowd.

Clever Features

Before we highlight some of the individual features, let’s just talk about one aspect that will certainly influence buyers – the price. Here’s the thing: you can buy a simple-format mobility scooter – one of the regular designs that does the job but is not particularly special – for around £600, and if that’s all you want, it will get you about without a problem. This one, the Ability Superstore Curlew Mobility Scooter, will cost you a little more than £2000, so what are you paying for? Let’s have a look!


Most mobility scooters are designed to be small enough so that they do not get in everyone’s way, and to fit in the back of a van or MPV, and also to be easy to break down into parts for transport in the boot of the car. One of the special features of the Ability Superstore Curlew Mobility Scooter is that, at the touch of a button, it folds down to a size that fits into its own special carrying bag and, with battery included, it weighs only 20kg.

This is a very impressive achievement, and it makes it an attractive option for people who want to take it on public transport, for example. That it can be folded and unfolded by remote-control is also a bonus. Is this a gimmick? Yes, and no, for if compactness is important to you, they don’t come much more practical than this!

We decided not to list a whole host of other features, but to go through them here, as there are many that are similar to your average scooter. The Curlew comes with comfortable padded seating, it has electric brakes and other safety features such as anti-tip wheels, its three-wheel configuration makes it easy to drive and steer, and it has an anti-roll-back function which means you will not find yourself going the wrong way on hills!

Now, that is all excellent – and believe us when we say it is a very practical and useful design, available in a range of great colours and is very well-made and extremely impressive in terms of design – but there are a couple of downsides. One is the price, which we’ve already mentioned, and the other is that the Ability Superstore Curlew Mobility Scooter has a range of only 6 miles, which is somewhat less than the average mobility scooter.

So, is it for you? If the compact folding feature is important for you – perhaps you take a lot of train, bus or plane journeys – and you would use it all the time, then it is certainly worth considering, but at the price, we do feel it is a little over the top to pay for such a feature, even though it is highly impressive.

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