Drive Medical Envoy 4

Some mobility scooters are designed to be simple and get on with the job, while others offer features that make them stand out from the crowd. All of them, it should be said, are designed to do one thing, and that is to enable people with limited mobility to get about, to go to the shops, to visit friends and to enjoy the type of freedom of movement they would otherwise be without. This is why the mobility scooter is not just a welcome development in the world of mobility aids, but it is one of the most important.

We have reviewed a wide range of mobility scooters, and have carefully chosen the ones that we believe are the best of the possible options, so that you can compare their specifications, feature and – most importantly for some – their prices in order to decide which one is for you. Some are very basic – yet also very good – while this one, the Drive Medical Envoy 4 – goes that little but further and includes some very impressive added features. Let’s have a closer look at now, so you can make note of its advantages.

Special Features

This model is not your average mobility scooter, and that is displayed in the price which we shall come to later, so is it worth the extra money? Here are some of its main features:


The Drive Medical Envoy 4 has a well-cushioned seat that is easy to get onto thanks to 360-degree movement, and is fitted with all-round suspension for added comfort. This also adds to the driving experience, making it easier to handle and more efficient.

Ease of Use

Delta handlebars are designed to make longer journeys easier for the user, and are specifically formed to help those who have limited grip thanks to old age or disability. The reach is also adjustable, as are many other features of this well-designed scooter.

Power and Range

A suitably powerful 350W motor gives you plenty of ability when on the move, and is more powerful than most that you will find on your basic mobility scooter. Perhaps most impressive is that the hi-tech batteries – among the most advanced in the field – use on the Drive Medical Envoy 4 are good for a 30-mile range on a full charge; that’s far more than most mobility scooters, and not much less than an electric car!


The Drive Medical Envoy 4 may not be the most compact of the models we have reviewed, but it is still capable of being carried in the back of a suitable vehicle, or can be dismantled easily for transport and put back together very quickly if needed.


The Drive Medical Envoy 4 is easy to control thanks to the simple tiller control unit, has a bright light for use in the dark, has excellent brakes and a loud horn – so people know you are coming – and is very well built for a long life.

That’s a summary of the main features that you get when you buy the Drive Medical Envoy 4, but is it the one for you? That depends entirely upon what you are going to use it for; if you need a scooter with a long range there are few on the market that can match the 30-miles promised by these advanced batteries.

The comfort levels and adjustability are also excellent, yet there are other less expensive models that, while they don’t go as far on one charge, we feel may do the job just as well. That is particularly so when you consider that the Drive Medical Envoy 4 costs around £1200, which is twice the price of your ‘average’ mobility scooter. Nevertheless, it’s very good, so we recommend you keep it in mind when reading our other reviews.

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