Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter

When you think of a mobility scooter you most likely imagine the standard design, that of a four-wheeled vehicle that is simple and light, and that gets people with limited mobility about. Among our reviews of mobility scooters, you will find many of these – we call them the standard models – but also some that are a little different. Every mobility scooter is designed to do a job – to get those who cannot walk long distances out and about, to the shops or to see friends, but some go the extra mile.

This model, the Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter, is one of the most impressive we have seen, and comes with a wealth of impressive features that really do make it stand out from the crowd. However, there is something we should say before we go on to look at what makes it special: you can buy a standard-model mobility scooter, a very good one that does the job with no fuss, for around £600; this one will cost you more than £5000. That is, in anyone’s book, a colossal difference in price, so let’s have a look at why that is.

What Makes It Special?

If you are going to pay almost ten times the standard price for the Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter, you want to see some evidence that it is worth it. Let’s check out its most impressive features:


The Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter is big on comfort, with a large seat that is beautifully padded – and also swivels 360-degrees for ease of access – and also full suspension all-round. The seat can recline, the headrest is adjustable, the armrests can be adjusted for width and can be flipped up out of the way. Pneumatic tyres add to the comfortable ride, and an overhead canopy protects you from the rain.


As with all models, safety is paramount when it comes to the Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter, with superb electronic braking as standard, good ground clearance, automatic speed reduction when steering – a great touch that is much appreciated – and good lights plus a fully illuminated dash for easy viewing. It also has high-level indicators so others can see what you are doing, twin rear-view mirrors, an anti-roll-back system for safety on hills, and a full lap belt for your protection.


In terms of performance, the Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter is in a league of its own when it comes to mobility scooters. A powerful 1500W motor gives it impressive performance such as a top speed of 8mph – more than you will ever need from one of these – while a highly impressive battery package provides a range of an amazing 37-miles on one full charge, which is unheard of in such vehicles. It is designed to handle users of up to 25-stone, is well-built and very sturdy, and exudes quality throughout.

However, despite the above excellent features and specification, the question remains: do you need to pay £5000 for a mobility scooter? The answer is clearly no, you don’t, for you can get perfectly capable models for a lot less. But – and it really comes down to personal choice – there is no doubt that the Drive Royale 4 Sport Mobility Scooter is among the best you can get, and perhaps the very best overall. It’s safety features are superb, it’s performance untouchable, and it is beautifully made and superbly presented.

The choice is yours, but we do recommend you check out some of our other reviews before you come to a decision.





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