Electric Recliner Chairs – A Buyer’s Guide

The modern world has given people with disabilities and mobility problems many ways of making life easier. The elderly and infirm, who may find walking and getting about in general very difficult, can now make use of a wide range of clever and dedicated items – such as mobility scooters and various accessories that go with them – which help their day to day lives to be more fulfilling and enjoyable. If you’re interested in checking out mobility scooters, we have a great buyer’s guide and reviews of the best models on the site.

One other area that has benefited from technology and modern design is that of helping people to remain comfortable around the home; for some people, especially those with back ailments and other problems that affect the joints, even the act of sitting down for anything more than a few moments can be extremely painful. This is why extra-comfortable, adjustable and very impressive electric recliner and riser chairs are becoming more popular, and you may be surprised to find how affordable they are.

When it comes to buying a recliner/riser chair there are plenty to choose from and, for the layman, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we thought we would put together a guide to go with our reviews, so you can use the information we have in order to help you compare and choose the right one. As you will see, there are many functions and features of these devices, so before we tell you in brief about a few of the best models, let’s have a look at what you need to consider.

Some Of The Best Electric Recliner Chairs

There is such a lot of choice in the market for recliner/riser chairs that finding the right one can take some investigation, so we have made your life a little easier with both this buyer’s guide, and our selected chairs for review. Here are a few that we think are worthy of consideration:

Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner

this is one of the classic design of recliner chair, and one that is very popular. It is beautifully designed with all the right padding in the right places, and the Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner offers you supreme comfort from excellent upholstery. You can adjust the back and the footrest independently, the leg-rest is also fully adjustable, and you can find a position that is ideal no matter what it is you want. For people who have trouble getting up from a chair, it rises almost to standing with the touch of a button. It’s a dual-motor model for added versatility, is easy to use and very impressive, and at around £450 is also good value, so one for your shortlist.

The Madison Electric Recliner Chair

The Madison is a very typical model and comes with all the regular features that you need. The Madison Recliner is designed with the latest electronics fitted, so is easy to use and will do what you want it to at the touch of a button every time. This chair is fully padded for full comfort, and also designed to provide the very best in lumbar support so you get a medical correct seating position that is good for your back and all other joints. Finished in quality leather, this is a very nice chair that is certainly worth looking at, is designed and built for maximum comfort and durability, and at under £300 is just about the cheapest of all the recliner chairs we have found.

The Oxford Riser/Recliner

The Oxford Riser/Recliner is designed in the classic style so will sit nicely among your existing furniture if that is your desired style. The control panel for the Oxford Riser/Recliner is a two-button design and, as such, is the ultimate in simplicity. The handset features the two main functions – recline, for when you want to find your ultimate comfort position, and rise, for when you need to get back upright. It is also suitably padded for extra comfort, with added attention paid to the lumbar region, and provides a very comfortable seat however you have it set for use. Available in a choice of attractive colours – beige, brown or red – the fabric-upholstered the Oxford Riser/Recliner will look the part wherever you choose to use it. All in all, this is a very nice chair that, at less than £400, is certainly good value.

Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner

The Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner is a genuinely impressive reclining chair that is built to a high standard, and is a popular model from a known brand. The four-button control system that is found on the Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner is one that is very neatly designed and offers excellent ease of use. The chair can be reclined to a number of positions, the footrest adjusts, and it can also be tipped forward. This is a very stylish leather armchair that will sit perfectly alongside your existing furniture, or that will make an excellent stand-alone addition to any room. Available in a choice of cream, black or brown, there is a finish for you. The Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner also comes with a full manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind and assurance.

Cavendish Dual Motor Riser and Recliner Chair

The Cavendish Dual Motor Riser and Recliner Chair is finished beautifully and designed to cater for people who need extreme levels of comfort. It is heavily padded, offers excellent support and is well made for long use, so you will enjoy it for a very long time. This is a good-looking chair that has been designed to fit nicely with your existing suite and other furniture, and is finished very much in a traditional style. It is available in a handful of neutral colours – black, brown and cream – so will sit nicely wherever you want it. This is another chair that, at under £400, we think is excellent value, so one for your shortlist.

As you can see from the above there are plenty of models to choose from – and you will find more reviewed if you have a look through our list – so we are sure you will be able to choose a chair that does what you want, with the right level of comfort, and at the right price. Before we leave you to check the reviews, let’s quickly sum up what we have learned.

Which One is for You?

An electric recliner/riser chair is a great addition to the home for anyone who has a disability or condition that makes it hard to find a pain-free seating position. They are also great for anyone who has difficulty getting in and out of a chair, and those with mobility problems. For the elderly, one of these chairs can be a great bonus, and can make life a lot easier, while for those who cannot get around well, they make things simple and enjoyable too.

Whether you need such a chair to help with a medical condition or are looking for one that will simply enable you to relax in comfort to watch TV or read the paper, this is the sort of chair you need, and you will find that there is plenty to recommend each one of these. Take the time to check out our reviews and you will find out all the information you need on choosing the right chair within your budget, and we hope that you enjoy your new purchase to the full!

Important Features

The point of an electric recliner chair is to make things as comfortable as possible. These chairs are very versatile, cleverly designed and engineered to a high standard, and are also surprisingly affordable. They are designed to look good, too, and come in many shapes, styles and sizes, so you can be sure that – among those we have reviewed – there will be a model that not only does what you want, but also looks the part with your current furniture.

What we will say is that most of the chairs we selected – if not all – are what you may call ‘traditional’ designs. This is partly thanks to the intended market – usually older people who may have more contemporary taste – and also down to the need for the equipment to be fitted within the frame, so the chair can move as required. That’s not to say these are not unattractive chairs, but that if your taste is firmly in the modern era, they may not be for you.

So, back to those important features – let’s have a look:


The main priority of any electric reclining and riser chair is that it provides the required level of comfort for the user. This means you want decent padding – some of these come with removable cushions that can be positioned as and where you want them for maximum support – and also the ability to set the chair to the position you want it to be. This leads us on to the next important feature…


A reclining chair is usually powered by an electric motor, and sometimes you find models that have dual-motor technology so that you can adjust the footrest and the back separately, as opposed to those that, when the back falls, the footrest rises. The dual-motor set-up is preferred by most, but as it involves more complex technology it can be more expensive. We recommend you check our reviews for a price comparison, and an idea of how a dual-motor chair can benefit you.

You also need to have adjustable armrests, as these are used all the time and if they are awkwardly placed, can cause discomfort. Remember, the entire point of the chair is to allow you to sit comfortably for long periods, so you need to be certain you can find your ideal position. All of the chairs we have reviewed feature full adjustability, so you can be sure that they will provide the comfort levels you require.


The chair you choose will be part of your life for a long time, and you will need it to be durable, well-made and designed for regular use. We recommend you check our reviews for information on the known brands, and to get an idea of what is available on the market, so that you can see where the quality items are. A good-quality chair will last you longer than one that is cheap and badly made – as is the case with any purchase – so in this case especially, buying the best you can afford is certainly worthwhile.


While practicality and comfort are the obvious benefits of such a chair, you still want your recliner to look good, and that mean buying one that at least has a touch of style. As we have said, these chairs are mostly traditional in design, but there are some that are nicely finished in quality leather, with a more original feel than those that come with velour, button-back design touches. It’s up to you what you want for your home, of course, and you will also need it to match your existing décor, and among those we have chosen there are many that really do look the part, and that are available in a range of colours.

Price will also be a factor, too, but it’s fair to say that all of the chairs we reviewed occupy a price range between £350 and £800; this may be a big jump for some, but consider the price of a new, quality and highly engineered and designed chair – especially in leather – and you will soon see that the extra you pay for a recliner/rise is not actually that great.


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