Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner

For some people, a reclining chair – and one that rises to position – is a must, as it enables them not only to sit carefully and relax in their chosen position, but also to get out of the chair easily should they have limited mobility. Such chairs are ideal for people who have back problems and who cannot get about properly – sufferers of arthritis find them very useful – and are not expensive. Indeed, for people with appropriate conditions, these chairs can be VAT-free, making them even more affordable.

As there are many different makes and models of recliner and riser chairs on the market, we have put together a series of in-depth reviews for you, so that you can see which may be best for you, and compare not only prices but also the specifications of the chairs. We also have a buyer’s guide for these and other mobility products that will help you understand all you need to know about such chairs. The one reviewed here – the Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner – is a very typical chair of its type, so let’s have a quick look at the features that it comes with.

What You Need to Know

The Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner is a classic type of reclining armchair, and one that comes highly recommended by many satisfied users. It is not just practical but stylish and, if you don’t like leather – and many people don’t – then it could just be the one for you. Let’s check it out further:


Beautifully designed with all the right padding in the right places, the Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner offers you supreme comfort from excellent upholstery, plus the ability to recline the chair to a variety of positions, and also has specially designed lumbar support. It’s great for people who have back problems, as well as for those who simply want a comfortable armchair, and is superbly finished in every area.


Using a four-button control unit, the Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner is supremely versatile and offers a full range of adjustments that are very simple to make. You can adjust the back and the footrest independently, the leg-rest is also fully adjustable, and you can find a position that is ideal no matter what it is you want. For people who have trouble getting up from a chair, it rises almost to standing with the touch of a button.


A dual-motor system means that all movement is done smoothly and without any jerks or uncomfortable surprises, which makes this one perfect for people who may experience pain at sudden movements. This tried and tested method makes it a very popular chair.


If a traditional armchair is your chosen style, this is the one for you, as the Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner is designed to fit with modern and contemporary furnishings and look great wherever it may be. It’s available in three colours – a neutral beige, dark chocolate brown and an attractive terracotta, so there is something for you here.

The Kendal Fabric Electric Riser Recliner is a quality chair in every way, providing good looks and comfort combined with ease of use and versatility, but is it the one for you? If you want a chair that is not leather and that is as adjustable as is possible then this could be the one for you. At around £450, however, it is one of the more expensive of those we have reviewed, but it is a very good chair in every way.

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