Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX

Mobility scooters are excellent machines that have given the elderly, infirm and disabled a new lease of life. There are many different makes, models and typed on the market, with the standard ones – that’s not a put-down in any way – resembling this model, the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX.

Mobility scooters are designed to help people who cannot ordinarily get around enjoy a mobile and active life. Whether that means visiting people, going to the shops, or simply getting out and about in the open air for a while, the purpose is to give people mobility. The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX is a prime example of what a mobility scooter is all about, and it is no surprise that this should be a popular model among the many on the market.

Let’s have a look at the specifications, and any pluses and minuses we can find that apply to the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX.

Notable Features

A mobility scooter serves a very specific purpose, so here are some of the features that we think are worthy of mention when considering the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX:


The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX has a suspension seat that is at once nicely padded and also sprung; this gives you the best possible ride no matter the ground underneath you, and the backrest and arms are also very nicely designed for added comfort.


Measuring just 40x20x19inches, the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX could easily fit into the back of an estate or MPV, and for smaller vehicles, is easily broken down into five lightweight pieces, and can be reassembled in just a matter of a few minutes with no specialist tools required.

Ease of Use

The clever tiller steering design means that the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX is very easy to drive, and it has effective brakes for added safety. It is simple to start and also comes with the requisite light and horn, so people know you are coming around those awkward corners.

Charging Point

The high-level charging point means the user can easily plug the scooter in to recharge, and a maximum range of a little less than 10 miles, plus a spare battery pack and a quick-change mechanism, means that the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller LX can take you on several trips before you need to recharge.

With a top speed of 4mph and all the safety features you could want, plus a good after sales service, this is a scooter that comes highly recommended. Are there any downsides? Well, it’s not the best-looking machine out there – but then it’s designed for practicality rather than looks – and there are some with greater range and other interesting features, but at less than £600 it is very good value, and does the job it is intended for with no fuss and little effort required.

We recommend you take a look at our reviews of further mobility scooters, as there may be those that suit your requirements better, but all in all, this is a good place to begin your comparison.

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