Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner

A reclining armchair – especially and electronically controlled one – is a major bonus for anyone who has trouble with mobility or back problems. However, that’s not to say these excellent chairs are only for such people, as what can be more relaxing than settling back in a supremely comfortable chair in front of the television for a quiet night in, and adjusting it so you are at the perfect angle? There are many such chairs on the market, and our in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide should help you find the one that suits you best.

We looked carefully at a number of quality chairs before deciding upon the ones to review for you, and as such, we believe that our selections are the best on the market. The one reviewed below – the Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner – is a genuinely top-quality model with some excellent features, so let’s have a look and see what it’s all about.

Features to Consider

The Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner is a genuinely impressive reclining chair that is built to a high standard, and is a popular model from a known brand. Let’s check out some of its features in more detail:

Simple Operation

It’s not just those who have mobility problems who want a chair that is easy to recline, but all users, and the four-button control system that is found on the Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner is one that is very neatly designed and offers excellent ease of use. The chair can be reclined to a number of positions, the footrest adjusts, and it can also be tipped forward, allowing people who have trouble standing to get up easily. The movement is very smooth and seamless, and you will find this to be the easiest chair you have ever used.


The Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner is designed with comfort in mind and, whether reclined or not, is extremely comfortable thanks to perfect padding and lumbar support that has been carefully researched and designed.


There has been no shortage of effort in making the Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner look the part, either, as this is a very stylish leather armchair that will sit perfectly alongside your existing furniture, or that will make an excellent stand-alone addition to any room. Available in a choice of cream, black or brown, this is a chair that has proven very popular.


The frame is superbly made to last a long time and the moving parts will take plenty of use, so you can get a long life out of the chair. The Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner also comes with a full manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind and assurance.

That’s a few of the main attributes of this impressive electric reclining chair, but the question remains – is the Riva Dual-Motor Electric Recliner the one for you? It’s a very attractive chair and the mechanism is top quality, it has a fine leather finish and the choice of adjustments is comprehensive, and it is available in a choice of colours that should complement your décor. At around £430 it is not the cheapest of the chairs we have reviewed, but it is one of the best, so certainly one for your shortlist.

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