ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter Review

Mobility scooters are a popular sight in our towns and cities, and these clever and compact machines have helped many people get out and about who may otherwise not have been able to. This review covers one of the more popular models, so let’s see what it’s all about.

We chose our featured models by using certain criteria – ease of use, reliability, build quality and cost among them – and we reckon we have collected the fines options for those who need a way of getting about. Let’s start with this one, the ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter, which is a typical model that sets the standard for others to follow.

About the Explorer 4

The Explorer 4 is a neatly designed mobility scooter that offers excellent versatility and ease of use, and we took a look at some of the best features of this model, which are the reasons why it should make it into your shortlist:


Like all of the best models, the ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter is a compact design that is intended to be easy to fit into an appropriate car. It is cleverly put together so that it can be quickly disassembled into four pieces for transportation or storage, and is simple to fit back together. Or, if you have a larger vehicle, at 40”x21”x36” it can sit in the back of an estate or MPV ready to go.

Simple to Use

Just one lever controls the functions of this scooter, so it is simple for anyone to get the hang of. You can control your forward movement, direction changes, speed and braking with this one lever, so it can be operated by anyone. It has a forward speed of up to 4mph and reverse of 2mph so is perfectly capable, and is very simple to drive.


One fully charged battery will only take you 6 miles, so for short trips to the shops this model is the perfect choice, but for longer journeys you might want to look elsewhere. The ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter also comes with q quick-release battery change feature, so if you do run out – and there is a battery life indicator in plain view all the time – you can swap to a fresh battery very easily.


The ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter comes with anti-tip feature at the rear for peace of mind, has a handy pedestrian buzzer for those awkward places, and is designed with total safety for user and others in mind. There is also a dual braking system that brings you to a stop in no time at all, and that features regenerative power for added assurance.


A comfortable padded seat – featuring 360-degree rotation or ease of access – plus fully adjustable height is part of the comfort package, as are pneumatic tyres that give a soft and pleasant ride, and you also get a good quality shopping basket for added convenience.


This well-built mobility scooter, from one of the best-known brands in the business, can carry up to 20-stone, so is perfect for heavier individuals, and is very sturdily built for a long life.

Is It for You?

That’s a few of the main features of the ST1-D Portable Mobility Scooter, but is it the one for you? In summary, this is a well-built, high-quality mobility scooter that will serve you well if you want to make short trips to the shops or to visit friends, and one that is easy to use, has many safety features, and will fit in an appropriate vehicle, so it ticks all the boxes with us. At under £650 it is also surprisingly affordable, so well worth a look. Check out our other reviews of mobility scooters – and our comprehensive buyers guide – before you make your decision.



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