TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4

A mobility scooter is usually a simple, easy to ride machine that takes the user from A to B very cheaply. They are bought by people who have trouble walking more than a very short distance and, it should be said, are highly effective and very welcome vehicles that serve a specific purpose. However as with all such devices, every now and then we come across one that is different, that stands out from the crowd, and this model – the TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 – is certainly one of these.

In fact, this model is interesting to the point that it begs the question: is it a mobility scooter? The answer is both yes and no: it is a very capable, great fun off-road vehicle that doubles as a mobility scooter, and more besides. This model, unlike your more mundane mobility scooters, uses motorcycle technology to provide the goods, and it is very impressive, but we do have some reservations. Let’s split things down to pros and cons, so you can get an idea of what this curious and interesting model is all about.


Rugged Design

The TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 is designed to be able to tackle off-road situations, and why shouldn’t people who need a mobility scooter have that enjoyment? It’s beautifully built and looks the part, is superbly robust and rigged, and can take you to places that you would not normally get to with limited mobility – and that a standard mobility scooter could not possibly tackle.

Advanced Suspension

With a double-wishbone set-up at the front and a mono-shock to the rear – the technically minded will know what we mean – the TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 provides superb suspension capability for that rough terrain, and a smooth and enjoyable ride in normal circumstances. Put simply, this is advanced suspension design for a mobility scooter that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Powerful Motor

A 900W motor is more than adequate for a motor scooter of any type, but for an off-road model is absolutely essential. Providing power to the rear wheels, the motor in the TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 enables you to head off-road into areas where you can actually enjoy a ride on a motor scooter.

Great Looks

There is no doubt that the TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 looks the part – it resembles a regular quad bike as opposed to a mobility scooter – and for younger people this may be the clincher. After all, mobility scooters are staid and for the elderly – this one is nothing of the sort!

That’s a few of the positives, now let’s look at the other side of the coin.


Not for Shopping

Let’s be honest, this is not a model designed for popping to the shops; it’s for getting out in the wide open and enjoying yourself. For anyone who wants a mobility scooter to get the groceries in, there are better options!


Compared to your average mobility scooter, this is a complex machine that may be daunting for some, so if simplicity and ease of use are your main concerns, look elsewhere.


For what it is – a great fun, superbly built off-road quad-bike/mobility scooter crossover (we never thought we would write those words) the TGA Mobility Vita X Deluxe 4 is perhaps not expensive, but at a shade less than £5000, it does not compare favourably to your average mobility scooter.

So, to conclude, this is a specialist machine that will appeal only to some people; it is brilliant, and if a disabled person wants to go off-roading is a perfect choice. As a mobility scooter – and nothing more – however, it is expensive and impractical, but we still love it!


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