The Best Mobility Scooter Accessories

A mobility scooter is a very useful device for anyone who has a disability or who, perhaps through age, is finding it difficult to move around sufficiently. These clever machines are becoming more commonplace on the pavements and roads of our towns and cities, and they are surprisingly affordable, too. A mobility scooter is a small vehicle powered by an electric motor that is designed to get you from A to B. There are many different models on the market, with varying levels of performance, yet each does what it is designed to do with no trouble at all.

Choosing a mobility scooter that is right for you means checking out all the available models so that you can compare specifications and price, and there are also many other items that you might want to consider, including a full range of accessories that can make your life a lot easier, and your mobility scooter more versatile. To help you get the very best out of your scooter, we have put together a guide to the best and most useful accessories for mobility scooter users, and we believe that all of the following will be of interest to you.

The Accessories You Need

The range of accessories available for mobility scooters is vast, so it took us some time to go through them all and find the ones that we think are essential for you. Let’s have a look at the very best of them, some of which are must-haves, others that you may simply find to be of use, and point you in the right direction.


Uou want to be able to leave your mobility scooter outside when you go into a shop, visit a friend or attend any social occasion, so you need it to be protected from the elements as best you can. You will find many different options of scooter covers and sheds when you take a look, and they all offer excellent cover and are a great addition to your scooter. Some of the best covers are all-encompassing designs that are designed to protect the whole machine, and these are the ones we recommend.

Most are designed to fit all types and designs of scooter so will be suitable for you, and they are surprisingly affordable. We have looked at the very best covers in detail and you will see the variety available, so you can put together a shortlist and compare specifications and prices. Check out our reviews for all the information you need, and make sure you have a suitable cover to protect your scooter when it is left out in the open.


For many people, rain and wind are a reason not to go out on a mobility scooter, but what happens if you have to venture into weather, perhaps for an appointment or an arranged occasion? Fortunately, some very clever designers have come up with a range of accessories that will do their very best to keep you dry and warm when you need to go out in the rain, and we took a look at the best ones for you so you can choose the one that fits your scooter best.

Some are designed to cover both you and all of the machine; these are the preferred designs if you are tackling anything more than very light rain as they give you the best level of protection. These ones will also keep your handlebar controls dry, for greater comfort. Others are simply designed to cover the rider and, while they do a good job, they are perhaps best only for occasional use; be aware that these tend to be very cheap, so it is worth having one in your bag or basket for those unexpected rain showers. We recommend you get a poncho or cape if you are to be able to use your scooter when the weather is less than perfect, and at the prices of those we reviewed you can’t go wrong.


many mobility scooters will come with a basket built-in, and this is very helpful when you need to go shopping, for example, or perhaps take something to a friend’s house or gathering. If you need more capacity – maybe you need a lot of shopping that won’t fit in the basket – you need a bag, and there are many specially designed bags among the range of mobility scooter accessories that we have reviewed for you. There are some very clever bags here, so we recommend you check out our reviews for ideas.

Some bags come with suitable capacity for a large amount of goods to be easily carried, and hook on the back of the scooter securely like a backpack. You can find them with pockets for valuables – often secured inside – plus side fittings for carrying sticks or crutches, the latter being a welcome design element that adds to the usability of the bag and scooter. Most are waterproof, too, so you can use them with your poncho in the rain. Have a look at the models we reviewed for more information, and we are sure you will find that these cheap and useful items are worth buying.


You need to ensure your scooter is suitably equipped with lights for those occasions when you want to go out in the evening. After all, the purpose of a scooter is to allow you to enjoy life more thoroughly, so what better than to be able to go to a friend’s house or other social gathering in an evening? Most of the scooters we reviewed come complete with powerful lights that are suitable for evening and darkness use, and they are also essential to get you noticed by others.

Lights tend to be fitted to the front fairing, so they give you a view of what lies ahead, and the better scooters also come with rear lights so everyone can see you, even in the dark, so we strongly recommend you check our reviews for the best advice on the right model for you. There are also kits you can buy with additional lights if you wish.

USB Chargers

your mobility scooter is powered by an electric motor which, in turn, relies upon batteries for power. As with many battery-powered devices, they need charging to get you going. While the batteries can be charged as normal from a mains socket, it may also be possible to charge them via a USB hub on your computer. This adds greater versatility as it means you have an additional method of charging. Check out manufacturer specifications for this feature as it is not common to all models, and it can take a long time to charge this way.

Other Accessories

The above are the accessories that we believe may be considered essential or – at the very least – extremely useful by mobility scooter users, and there are few more that we thought worth mentioning. Here’s a little bit of information on those:

Cushioned seats

While your mobility scooter most likely comes with a suitably padded seat and back-rest, there are after-market booster cushions that can make your seat even more comfortable. These are very useful for anyone who has a back problem or who finds sitting for long periods difficult, and they are not expensive.

Seat Belts

iI your scooter does not come with seat belts – and many of those we have reviewed are already equipped – we strongly recommend you look at having some fitted. The usual top speed of a mobility scooter, around 4mph, may not sound like much, but when you are travelling at that speed and something goes wrong, you do want to be protected. Look for scooters with belts fitted, and talk to the seller about having them fitted if they are not a standard issue.

GPS Tracker

This is a suggestion that we think is very useful; if you are a user who is prone to forgetfulness – or you are a relative of the user who would feel more at ease if you knew where they were all the time – why not fit the scooter with a GPS tracker? These are very simple to use, surprisingly cheap and can be accessed by a mobile phone app, so you will know where the scooter is at all times. Ask the retailer about this option, as there are many such devices on the market.

In-Car Charging

If you are someone who packs your mobility scooter into the car to take a trip further afield – most models will fit in a van and others may be taken down into a few pieces for storage in the back of a car or SUV – you might want to invest in an in-car charger. These work the same way as that which charges your mobile phone on the move, and they are an affordable way of making sure your scooter is always ready for use when you reach your destination.


You can get additional carry-space by purchasing a caddy, a tow-along trailer that attaches to the back of your scooter, and these are becoming more popular as the use of scooters grows. Ask the retailer, and keep an eye open for reviews of caddy’s on our site soon.

That’s our list of accessories complete, so check out what is available and make sure you know what you need, and how much you need to spend!

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