The Best Mobility Scooter Bags

Mobility scooters are a common sight on the pavements and roads of our towns and cities, and have given the elderly and disabled, and others who are unable to walk more than a very short distance, the ability to get out and about and enjoy life more thoroughly. There are many different makes, models and types of mobility scooter available across a broad range of prices – see our in-depth reviews for more information – and they all offer impressive performance and ability.

As with all such markets, the mobility scooter market has given rise to a choice of very useful accessories. If you use your scooter for shopping, for example, you will find the usual attached basket to be useful, but it may not be enough to carry everything home. Or, you might want a bag to attach to your scooter that you can carry your essentials in, and that is what we are talking about here – bags for mobility scooters.

There are various bags to choose from so we decided to pick the best and give you a brief introduction to each, so let’s get going!

Homecraft Deluxe Scooter Bag

This one is made from very durable waterproof material, and is padded internally to protect what you are carrying. It is clearly good quality, and at 400x450x140mm is perfect for carrying essentials, or for that extra shopping that will not fit in the basket. It has a zip-locked pouch inside that is ideal for your purse or wallet, and two pockets on the back for added storage, and fits very neatly on the back of the frame of the scooter. A clever side pouch can also be used to hold walking sticks or crutches. At not much more than £15 it is also good value, so certainly one for the shortlist.

Drive Medical Scooter Bag

Drive Medical is a leading name in the scooter world, and this bag is designed to carry sticks or crutches easily, and to keep them out of the way when on the move. It is well-made from waterproof material and finished with a reflective strip for added safety, and has a large main pocket that will fit plenty of items. There is a quick-access pouch on the rear – we would have preferred to see it inside if it is to be used for wallets or purses – and it sits nicely in the rear of the scooter. All in all, a very nice, top quality bag that is not bad value at around £20.

Drive Medical Drop-Over Backpack

This bag is designed for the smaller scooter that are very popular, and is extremely practical and well-designed. It fits over the back of the seat so is easy to fit and remove, is made from durable material so will last a long time, and has a sizeable compartment that will easily incorporate some of your shopping or other items. It comes with carry handles for ease of transportation, but there is no pouch for sticks or crutches. It’s a decent bag for occasional use, and at around £15 is not expensive.

Aidapt Deluxe Scooter Bag

This is a good-sized bag that will fit all standard-type mobility scooters, and one that is well-made from durable and waterproof material. The main compartment features a zipped top and a padded interior for added protection, and there are two large zipped compartments on the outside for added storage. It also comes with a long slot for sticks or crutches, which is a welcome feature on any of these bags. This one has handy carry handles and buckles tightly to the frame, and at under £20 we think it is certainly one to consider.

Aidapt Economy Scooter Bag

Another from the Aidapt range of well-made and waterproof bags, this one is of the same design as that above, but has only the one large internal compartment, no additional zip pockets and no slot for your sticks. It’s a good, sturdy bag that attaches securely, and at around £13 is good value, but we would recommend you spend the extra few pounds and buy the one above – or another with the additional compartments.

Wheelchair Crutch and Stick Bag

Measuring 400x450x140mm – which is pretty much the standard size for one of these – this bag is another that is well-made from highly durable material, and is waterproof. You get a main internal zipped compartment that is suitable for shopping or other items, plus arear pouch and additional storage on each side – suitable also for walking sticks or crutches – and it fits nicely on the back of the scooter in a secure and safe way. It’s a well-designed and very practical bag, and at a little under £20, is also sensibly priced.

Bayliss Mobility Shopping Bag

Another name that has a wide range of mobility products, Bayliss has a reputation for quality and it shows on this impressive bag. It is designed to attach safely and securely to the seat of a standard scooter – the maker claims it will fit most models – and is made from durable, waterproof material and comes with a reflective strip for added safety. It can be removed and has carry handles and also a shoulder strap so can be used away from the scooter, and has a decent internal capacity so will hold plenty, but it does not have a facility for sticks or crutches. At around £20 it is decent value for a quality bag.

Simplantex Scooter Tiller Bag

This very neat and clever bag is designed to clip onto the tiller at the front of the scooter, and as such makes for a very convenient storage space for items you need to keep an eye on such as your wallet or purse. It is small, however, at just 26x17x9cm, but is not intended for carrying large items. It may have limited use, but we think it quite a useful item in terms of securing your valuable items, and at under £15 it is sensibly priced.

Simplantex Crutch & Stick Bag

Another bag from the extensive range of mobility items from Simplantex, this one is typically high quality and made from waterproof, durable material that will last a long time. It is a typical standard type of bag with one large internal compartment – suitable for shopping or other items – and also features two long pockets on each side, which are designed for sticks or crutches so you can get up and go when needed. This is a well-made bag that attaches securely to the scooter, and at around £20 is good value from a known and respected brand.

Simplantex Wheelyscoot Hi-Vis

This bag, again from the Simplantex range, is designed to be used on either scooters or wheelchairs, and is very neat indeed. It comes with a bright hi-vis finish so is easy to spot, attaches securely to the scooter, and features a large internal compartment that is more than adequate for your shopping or other items. The side pouches are specially designed for your sticks or crutches. In fact, we reckon this one is simply a hi-vis version of that above – indeed the maker infers so, too – and it could be considered expensive in comparison at not much less than £30, but is still a very decent bag.

Mobility Vehicle Bag

This is another hi-vis model designed for either scooters or chairs – we do like the idea of the hi-vis finish as it is vital for mobility scooters to be seen – that clips nicely to the frame of the vehicle, and that is made from waterproof material that is tough and durable. It has a zip top to access the internal compartment – at 46x35x15cm it is not the largest but still adequate for transporting a range of items – but no pockets on the outside and no facility for walking sticks. It is very nice, but at around £24 we think there may be others on the market that are better value.

Ducksback Armrest Bag

Our final item is a little different and really rather clever. It’s a smaller type of bag that attaches to the arm of the scooter, and that is designed to carry the likes of your purse or wallet, glasses, keys, phone or any other smaller items that you may need access to quickly and easily. It has two zipped inner compartments, plus four handy front pockets that are perfect for storage, and is easily attached to the arm of any chair. We like it and, as you get plenty change from a tenner, we also reckon it is worth having for the added practicality it provides.

That’s a list of the best bags for mobility scooters that we can find, and as you will see, there are many different types, shapes and sizes. Each of these has its own merits, so we recommend you read through carefully and choose the one that is right for you, and you will find that adding a bag makes your life a lot easier when you are out and about on your mobility scooter.

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