The Best Mobility Scooter Covers and Sheds – A Buyer’s Guide

Mobility scooters have become very popular among people who have limited mobility, as they allow them to get out and about as and when they wish, and to lead a more fulfilling life. For the elderly, the infirm and people with disabilities that leave them with difficulty in getting about, these clever and very popular devices – which can be surprisingly affordable, and we advise you check to see if you are eligible for a VAT-free purchase – are a major bonus to great numbers of people. Our reviews of mobility scooters and accessories give you all the information you need, and we advise you take the time to have a look, but once you have your scooter, how do you take care of it?

Mobility scooters are relatively simple machines so will require very little maintenance – keeping them clean and charged is generally the best way to make sure they are ready to go, and following the manufacturer’s instructions as to how to keep them in top condition may help.

However, if you keep your scooter outdoors – or indeed leave it outside shops or other buildings exposed to the elements – you want to make sure it is well-protected. We have had a look at some of the best accessories on the market, and thought we’d show you some of the most effective covers for mobility scooters. Let’s have a closer look at those we reckon are worth considering, and what they can do for you.

Some of the Best

When looking into this subject we found that there were many different options, so we carefully considered each. We believe the following to be the ones that you need to look at in what is a very competitive market:

Simplantex Storage Cover

The Simplantex brand is one of the most highly regarded in terms of quality scooter accessories, and this neatly designed and well-made cover is a very sensible addition if you have a scooter you use regularly. It is made in large and extra-large sizes so it can be used to protect any type or model of scooter, is 100% waterproof – even the seams are treated so they do not leak water – and is suitably heavy at 2kg, which is somewhat more substantial than others in this price range. It is designed to be easy to fit with a buckle-type seal that is easier for people with limited mobility to deal with, and at around £40 is good value when compared to some.

Pros: price, good brand, designed for easy use, heavy duty, fits most scooters

Cons: none, but there are more comprehensive covers to look at


FeelGood UK Scooter Cover

As we mentioned above, there are a number of different types of cover for mobility scooters, and in general, they fall into two separate categories; there’s the type that we reviewed above, which is effective and loose-fitting, and those that are like this one from FeelGood UK, one of the leading names in the business. This type of cover is a fully-fitted version and is designed more for when the machine goes into storage than when it is left outside for a while.

It may take more than one person to fit, so is not as easy to attach as that above, although as it is made from extremely durable material that is designed to last a long time and keep your scooter protected, it is also a very viable option for anyone looking for a neat and effective cover. At around £125 it is expensive compared to some options, so read our reviews and consider carefully before you buy.

Pros: full protection, overall fit, great for long-term storage, fully protective, quality

Cons: needs two to set up, not cheap


Storm Protector Steel Frame Cover

This type of cover, like the one above, is a ‘mini-garage’ that is designed more for long-term protection and comprehensive cover. It is well-made, very durable, superbly tight fitting and impressive all-round. It will take two to set up, but for the ultimate in protection it is hard to beat. This one has a quenched steel frame – that means it is extremely strong and durable – plus a tight-fitting cover that guarantees a non-sag roof. It is fully waterproof, and designed in such a way as to prevent pooling.

The coated polyester cover is extremely durable and will also protect against UV light and dust, it is compact when not in use and can also be used for bikes. The sides are also ventilated so your scooter gets enough air when covered, yet remains fully protected. The frame and cover are so well matched and tightly fitted that it is claimed this one can stand very strong winds, too. At a little more than £110 it is not cheap, but compared to some others of this type is good value.

Pros: quenched steel, tight fitting cover, very durable, top quality

Cons: needs two to fit, not the cheapest


Legend Waterproof Storage Cover

If you want a simple, basic yet effective rain cover for your mobility scooter, this one could be the answer. It’s designed to throw on quickly and easily when needed, has a drawstring cord so it can be closed quickly, and is heavy duty and of a sensible quality. It will fit most scooters, and its polyester waterproof material is perfect for the job. It’s also machine washable, and is perfect for carrying with you on rainy days when you need to have one handy for leaving outside the shops.

While this one does not provide the level of cover and protection of some others, at less than £20 it’s a bargain, and may be the essential accessory for your scooter.

Pros: cheap, waterproof, does the job, easy to use

Cons: not a full cover as some of the above


Speedwellstar Mobility Scooter Cover

This is another of the type described above, and is a large size so that it will fit all known types and models of mobility scooter with ease. It’s made from strong waterproof material that is suitably durable to resist the UK weather, and is perfect for when you want to leave your scooter outside a shop, for example, or a friend’s house for a while. It has a drawstring bottom that is designed for ease of use, but beware this may be difficult to use for some, and packs away neatly into a very small package for storage and transport.

It is designed to be fitted taught so that water runs off and does not pool, but this is up to the user to ensure as it is not guaranteed if not fitted correctly. Put simply, if you want a basic scooter cover that does the job but offers nothing special, this one is compact enough to put in your backpack or basket for when it is needed, and won’t cost you much more than a tenner.

Pros: cheap, waterproof, large so fits all sizes

Cons: drawstring may be difficult for some, not a fitted model


Cyclaire Scooter Cover

This is one of the standard type of scooter covers made from highly durable PVC material that is not only waterproof but also deflects UV light, so it will protect your machine whether you leave it in the rain or bright sunlight. It is not a fitted model like some of the more expensive covers we have reviewed, but it is designed for full coverage and – as such – is suitable for all models of scooter, no matter the make or size.

It’s easy to use as it folds out to a good size to throw over your scooter and tie at the bottom, and it folds to a very compact package for when not in use. It’s perfect, then, for if you want to leave your scooter outdoors for a few hours, or for protecting it from dust and debris when in storage. We like it, it is very high-quality material that will last a long time, but we also feel that at a little less than £40 it faces some stiff competition from others in this class of cover – still, however, worth a look.

Pros: quality, UV protection, ease of use, compact

Cons: not fitted, more expensive than some rival models


Aidapt Medium Scooter Cover

As the name suggests, this one is a medium-sized cover, but we have in fact compared it in size to some other models, and reckon it will suit most standard scooters. It is made from durable, top quality waterproof material, but beware it is not a fitted model; it has an elasticated fitting system which may be fiddly for some, but which does in fact provide very tight and effective closure and fitting.

Despite the strength and durability of the material this one is very light and folds down to a suitably compact size for storage or transport, so is perfect for putting in your basket if you are heading out and the clouds look menacing. It’s also easy to open and fold down, and will last a long time. There is no doubt there are better, more comprehensive scooter covers available, but do you really need to spend the extra? If you want a cover for when your scooter is not in use, that will provide adequate protection, this one will do the job at under £20, so is certainly worth looking at.

Pros: neat design, light, compact when not in use, cheap, durable

Cons: elasticated so might not be for all, not a fitted design


PD Care Products Scooter Cover

This is one of the simplest and most effective models we have reviewed here, and is big enough to suit all sizes and models of scooter, so will certainly be good for you. What do we like about it? First, the price: at around £15 there is nothing to stop you putting this one on a shortlist as it is well worth the money. It is fully machine washable and comes with elasticated fitting – this may not be to everyone’s liking but is a popular way of closing these covers – and it is made from durable and full waterproof material.

As with all non-fitted models, it is essential that you put the cover on right so as not to encourage pooling; this means you get better protection for your scooter. It folds down to a very compact package for storage and transport, and is also very light so is perfect for taking with you in case you need to leave your scooter outside in the rain. All in all, it’s a decent model, and one that we can’t dismiss if a basic cover is what you want.

Pros: cheap, simple, durable, fully waterproof, light and compact when not in use

Cons: elastic fitting may not be for some, not a fitted model


Mobility Waterproof Scooter Cover

Another very simple and easy to use design, this one is not much more than £12, and also comes from the renowned PD Care brand. It’s not the most luxurious item on our list, but then practicality is what we are looking for here. It is fully machine washable and comes with elasticated fitting – this may not be to everyone’s liking but is a popular way of closing these covers – and it is made from durable and full waterproof material.

As with all non-fitted models, it is essential that you put the cover on right so as not to encourage pooling; this means you get better protection for your scooter. It folds down to a very compact package for storage and transport, and is also very light so is perfect for taking with you in case you need to leave your scooter outside in the rain. If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and waterproof cover that is easy to carry around when not in use, it’s worth a look.

Pros: very cheap, good brand, waterproof, easy to use, compact

Cons: elasticated so might not be easy for some

That’s our round-up of the best mobility scooter covers available – and as you will agree we have covered both the cheap and simple as well as the more comprehensive and serious ‘mini garage’ type of cover – so, let’s recap on what you need to consider.

Which Is for You?

There are two types of scooter cover here – those that are full-cover garage models that are designed for long-term protection, and those that you carry around with you for use when you need to leave your scooter outside in bad weather. Which you need is up to you, but we feel that the majority of users will be looking for the latter.

We can’t recommend a particular model for you as there are many here that offer the same attributes at similar prices, so all we can say is have a look at our reviews closely – and those of other scooter accessories and items – and you will find a protective scooter that is perfect for you at a sensible price.

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