The Best Mobility Scooter Ponchos

Mobility scooters are now a common sight in the towns and cities of the UK and, thanks to development and efficient manufacturing processes, they are surprisingly affordable items that give a new lease of life to people with limited mobility. Anyone with back problems, for example, or those who cannot walk too far for any reason whatsoever can benefit greatly from a mobility scooter. They take you from one place to another quickly and easily, and allow you to carry your shopping or other items, usually in a handy attached basket.

Yet, there is one factor that affects users of mobility scooters that we can do little about – the weather! If you have an urgent journey to make you need to do it whatever the conditions – rain, wind or whatever the elements throw at us – and thankfully, among the many accessories you can buy for your mobility scooter you will find a range of ponchos, that are designed to keep you dry and protected as best possible. Of course, they can only do the job to a certain extent, but the best ones do it very well.

You need a poncho that can do the job as best possible, so what do you look for when buying one? We took a look at some of the features found on these very useful items, and also have some reviews below of the best ones on the market.

Some Of The Best Ponchos

We took the time to find a few of the best ponchos and capes available today so that you can make a more informed choice when it comes to the best one for you. Below you will find our selections, with a brief review and information on each one:

Homecraft Universal Scooter Cape

This is a very typical model in the all-over cover scooter cape genre. It fits across the scooter and is easy to put in place, although depending on the ability of the user may need more than one person to fit it correctly. This one covers the front of the machine including the controls – be aware that many of the ones we have reviewed do not – and as such is a very popular model as it makes riding in the rain as comfortable as it possibly can be. It is made from very durable nylon that is fully waterproof, and is light and compact when not in use. At under £25 it is also sensibly priced.

Pros: full enclosure, durable material, clear panels

Cons: none, but there are cheaper


NRS Scooter Cape

This is another of the models that offers all-enclosed protection – and we should say we do think it worth paying a little more for one of these than the standard cape designs as they really do offer greater value – and is one that is very neat indeed. It has the required clear panels at the front so you can see what you are doing and where you are going, it covers the handlebar controls, and it also covers most of the sides of the machine for when you are on the move. It is very light and made from polyester with a PVC coating for added protection, it can fit most types of scooters, and it has a zip fit for ease of getting in and out when it is fitted. It’s a little over £25, but we think that is decent value for a quality item.

Pros: fully enclosed, clear panels, covers the controls, zip fit

Cons: none if you want a quality cover


PD Care Scooter Poncho/Cape

This one comes from the well-known PD Care brand, which has a wide variety of goods and accessories for mobility scooters, and while it is very neat and tidy, we are not sure of its overall capability. This is one of the type that does not cover the machine itself, so the handles will be wet in the rain, but is designed to encompass the rider. It’s great, therefore, for in the wind, but not so good when it is raining anything more than very lightly. It does have sleeves, and is easy to put on, and we like the fully waterproof and very durable material, but at not much less than £30 we are inclined to recommend you check out others for better value.

Pros: brand, sleeves, very durable, waterproof

Cons: only covers the rider, quite expensive in comparison to others

Aidept Deluxe Scooter Poncho

This is one of the more basic scooter ponchos that we have found, and yet we reckon it is worth a look, especially at a price of less than £15. This one is not a cover-all but one that fits around the body, and is perhaps best for those who ride the sort of scooter that is as basic as gets – a frame with wheels. The makers claim it can be used universally – which is fair enough as it is a body cape – and it comes with a zip entry for ease of use. It’s made from very durable waterproof material and is light to carry around, and also comes with a handy drawstring hood so you have more protection for the face when riding in the rain. The main problem with this type of poncho is that your hands and controls are exposed to the elements, but for occasional or emergency use – and at the price – it’s still worth a look.

Pros: cheap, simple to use, drawstring hood, zip closure

Cons: not a fully enclosed design, hands exposed


Homecraft Lined Scooter Poncho

This is another from the Homecraft range, and we like it because while it is essentially the same design as the one we have already reviewed, it comes with a snug lining so it is nice and warm. This one covers the front of the machine including the controls – be aware that many of the ones we have reviewed do not – and as such is a very popular model as it makes riding in the rain as comfortable as it possibly can be. It is made from very durable nylon that is fully waterproof, and is light and compact when not in use. At around £30 it is not the cheapest, but if what you are looking for is protection and warmth from the cold, wind and rain, we recommend you take a closer look at this very well-made and neat poncho.

Pros – fully fitted, quality material, lining for warmth

Cons – none, but there are cheaper if you don’t need the lining


Kozee Komforts Waterproof Scooter Cape

Our final selection is arguably the very best of the bunch; it’s one of the all-enclosed models that fits most scooters, and covers the rider and machine almost completely. This one comes with clear panels for good vision, and unlike many, also covers the back-pack on the scooter so you are safe if yours is not waterproof. It’s made from very durable and fully waterproof material that will last a long time, is easy to fit – although may take more than one person – and light and compact when not in use, and has a handy zip fitting for ease of access. This one is designed to be universal, but is also specially made to fit the new and very popular type of mini-scooters that are becoming more commonplace. At almost £40 it is by far the most expensive of this bunch, but in terms of practicality and protection, it is also the most impressive of the lot, so worth a look.

Pros: very impressive in practical terms, full enclosure, light and compact, covers everything

Cons: none, but it is pricey compared to some others.

That’s our selection of the best mobility scooter ponchos available today, and we have taken care to include versions of each of the two main types – those which cover the entire machine, and those which keep the rider protected. Let’s have a quick summary of what these are about, and see if we can come up with a recommendation for you.

Which is for You?

Is there a scooter cape or poncho among the choices above that would suit you? We are quite sure there will be one that suits your requirements, but which one it is will be down to your personal preferences. First, it comes down to whether you want one that you wear – a cape-style one that does not cover the machine – or if you need one that protects the entire machine and its rider. This is a factor worthy of consideration, and is determined by how often you may be using your cover.

If you often go out in rain or winds – or even in the cold – we strongly recommend you check out the final two on the list as they offer the best in terms of protection. Each gives you and your scooter complete cover, and while they may be a little more expensive than some others, the benefits of this cannot be overlooked.

We recommend you check through our reviews again before choosing, and we are sure that you will be able to find the right one for making sure you get the best in comfort when riding your scooter in poor conditions.

What You Need

When you buy a poncho for your mobility scooter there are several things you need to look for, and the following areas are those you should be considering when reading our reviews and drawing up a shortlist:


It goes without saying that your poncho needs to be waterproof, as the main use for such an item will be as protection against the rain. Rain is a pest when you need to get from one place to another on your scooter, but with a well-made and fully waterproof poncho you can expect the very best protection possible. The best models are made with durable ad extremely protective waterproof nylon or other materials, and are designed to be all-enclosing as best they can so you get the right level of protection. Have a look at our selected models for the best choice.

Ease of Use

One factor you need to consider with mobility scooter ponchos is how easy to use they are, as the more practical and simple they are, the easier they will make your life. You want one that is simple to attach and fit in place, plus easy to carry around when not in use – preferably on your scooter in a simple to reach place – as well as being light in weight and compact. You also want it to do the job quickly, so you don’t get too wet when caught in a shower!

All-Round Protection

You need to make sure the poncho you buy offers you genuine all-round protection, and while most do, it’s worth checking out our reviews as there are many that don’t do the job too well. Given the number of different models of mobility scooter on the market, most of the ponchos available tend to be a standard design, so you may find that they fit some machines better than others.


One of the necessary features of a mobility scooter is that of safety, especially when it comes to being able to see who else is around you. Your scooter will most likely be used on pavements where pedestrians are present, so you need to be able to see them at all times – even when you are fitted with a poncho. Check our reviews for details of the safety features, and look for those that have clear panels so you can still see clearly when you are on the move.


Of course the price has an influence upon whether or not you will buy a particular poncho, and with many different models to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your requirements and is within your price bracket.

Let’s have a look at a few of the very best models of mobility scooter poncho and capes that we found, so you can make a better choice.




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