The Madison Electric Recliner Chair

For people who have mobility problems, issues with their back or are simply getting on in life – and we all do, as is inevitable – the prospect of a comfortable chair in which to settle back and relax is one to look forward to. Even better if you have a reclining chair – one that can be operated at the touch of a button – so you can find the perfect position in which to enjoy your relaxation time. The market for electric recliner chairs is one that has taken off in no small way in recent years, so we thought we would help you find out more by providing you with reviews of the best ones.

As there are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to sort out those that you should put on your shortlist, hence our in-depth reviews that give you all the information you need in order to compare the different models. We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you learn more, so we recommend you take a look at that, too. Let’s begin by looking at a typical recliner chair, the Madison Electric Recliner, which combines quality and practicality at a sensible price.

About the Madison Electric

As electric recliner chairs go, the Madison is a very typical model and comes with all the regular features that you need. Let’s have a look at what these are, and why you need them:

Ease and Reliability

The Madison Recliner is designed with the latest electronics fitted, so is easy to use and will do what you want it to at the touch of a button every time. It is quiet and reliable, a tried and tested system, and is a very simple to use system that promises you the results you need. Control is via conveniently placed buttons on the side of the chair, so you can reach it whenever you want and choose your position.


This chair is fully padded for full comfort, and also designed to provide the very best in lumbar support so you get a medical correct seating position that is good for your back and all other joints. The material used is durable and of a high quality, and overall the chair is very well made. Reclining the chair also adjusts the footrest to suit, so you are guaranteed comfort however you wish to sit.

Leather Finish

The stylish and beautifully finished leather upholstery makes this a perfect addition to your suite of furniture, or a stand-alone chair for relaxation or even for game playing. For comfort and style combined, little can match this chair at the price.

We like the Madison as it is not too big – some recliner chairs are very large and take up a great deal of space – but is it the one for you? If you are looking for a quality recliner, with easy to use controls and a quality leather finish, and one that will fit in with your existing furniture – it’s available in cream, brown or black – then this one may be for you, and at around £240 it is very sensibly priced when compared to some of its competitors.




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